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My third book Dappa & Nappa and the New Cells in Town is available on iTunes. You can downloade it for free by using this link smiley

world’s smallest superheroes, Dappa and Nappa, are flying over Denmark
one sunny day in May. They decide to have a lunch break on the wing of
an airplane and, while they’re eating their sandwiches, they use their
super-hearing to listen to the passengers’ conversations. Suddenly, they
hear some tiny voices who are looking forward to coming to Copenhagen
in Denmark. They have a very exciting and important job to do.

When Dappa and Nappa look through the window to see who’s talking,
they’re surprised to find the voices are coming from a cooler.

Who’s in the cooler? And what kind of important job do they have in Copenhagen?

Age: 4-9 years.

New release!

“Dappa & Nappa – And the Runaway Thoughts” has just been released. It’s the second book in the Dappa & Nappa series.

One Saturday evening, the world’s smallest superheroes, Dappa and Nappa, hear the voice of a young boy saying: “Oh no! A scary dragon! It’s coming to get me!”

The boy sounds very frightened, so Dappa and Nappa fly as fast as they can across the city to help him. They both have super powers, and they can hear what children say even if they’re far away.

Dappa and Nappa reach the boy, whose name is Magnus, in a matter of seconds. They find him lying in his bed in his room and hiding under the covers. He’s certain that there’s a dragon under his bed.

Are dragons dangerous? Is there really a dragon under the bed? And what can Dappa and Nappa do to help Magnus?

Interest Age: 5-9 years

The first story

About the Book

Dappa and Nappa are the smallest superheroes in the world.
They have been studying at the school for superheroes for several
years, and today they will receive their graduation diplomas.

Dappa and Nappa really look forward to their first assignment. After
the graduation ceremony, they fly off to the nearest city and use their
super-hearing to listen for children in need of help.

When Dappa and Nappa fly over an elementary schoolyard they can hear a
young girl thinking some harsh and negative thoughts about herself.

Can Dappa and Nappa help her? And what will it take for her to be happy again?

A touching and entertaining story about self-esteem, meeting new challenges and last but not least believing in yourself.

Interest Age: 5-9 years.

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