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My third book Dappa & Nappa and the New Cells in Town is available on iTunes. You can downloade it for free by using this link smiley

world’s smallest superheroes, Dappa and Nappa, are flying over Denmark
one sunny day in May. They decide to have a lunch break on the wing of
an airplane and, while they’re eating their sandwiches, they use their
super-hearing to listen to the passengers’ conversations. Suddenly, they
hear some tiny voices who are looking forward to coming to Copenhagen
in Denmark. They have a very exciting and important job to do.

When Dappa and Nappa look through the window to see who’s talking,
they’re surprised to find the voices are coming from a cooler.

Who’s in the cooler? And what kind of important job do they have in Copenhagen?

Age: 4-9 years.